Advanced Prenatal Yoga Flow – All Trimesters – 20 min.

This flow is going to be great for all mommies but is especially great for those who are in their 1st trimester. This flow will bring peace to you and baby or babies. And will strengthen the connection between you and your pregnancy.

Beginner Embrace Change – Pregnancy Yoga – 17 min.

This video offers a sequence that focuses on embracing change and transformation in your body. It also includes key modifications to help you practice pregnancy yoga safely including; modified forward bends to avoid acid reflux, modified poses to strengthen your back and to help with pelvic stability. The information and instruction provided in this video […]

Beginner Pregnancy Yoga: Beginner Techniques – 11 min.

Katy Appleton of appleyoga teaches you the beginner steps of pregnancy yoga. Learn how to practice yoga whilst you are pregnant. The information and instruction provided in this video is for use as general information or for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical care provided by your GP or other […]

Beginner Pregnancy Yoga: Strength & Stability – 34 min.

Focusing on Strength and Stability we will be building strength around the glutes, the legs, and also the pelvic floor – helping your pelvis become strong and stable. This will work to help prevent lower back pain and discomfort, especially as you begin to get bigger. :) It’s recommended you shouldn’t do pregnancy yoga until […]

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