Fresh, Healthy and Fully Customized

Our Team uses a Food as Medicine approach to create the freshest, healthiest, nutrient-dense meal plan tailored to meet your needs and adhere to regulated guidelines.


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My Local Chefs collaborates with a team of doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, medical workers, researchers, social workers, and local chefs preparing a diverse array of cuisines. Everyone is on board and committed to providing nutritious solutions.

Passionate Local Chef Network

The carefully curated relationships we have formed with local chefs, farmers, and artisans enable you to taste Connecticut in a whole new way. My Local Chefs gives you access to a wide array of talented multicultural chefs—mission-driven people like us who are passionate about providing tools for healthy eating solutions to our community.

Culturally Relevant with Tasty Flavors

Our focus is creating medically tailored meals that are still delicious and culturally relevant. With My Local Chefs, you have access to a large, diverse network of talented chefs throughout Connecticut preparing a range of authentic flavors—foods patients are familiar with and look forward to eating.

Patient Compliance and Satisfaction

Keep track of what’s working well. With the My Local Chefs solution, you can capture data to track successes and outcomes, specifically satisfaction and healthy eating compliance. Happier patients create better healthier outcomes.

Support for the Local Community

With access to our large network of multicultural chefs preparing all kinds of cuisines, you’re meeting diversity, equity, and inclusion goals all while supporting your local community of local chefs, farmers, and artisans.

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