Making CT Healthy

My Local Chefs brings you the best that the state has to offer. Now, anyone in the state can order from their favorite chefs, makers and farmers, and have their items delivered fresh to them twice a week. Plus, we have fitness partners and health and wellness experts who have created special pricing and packages for our subscription customers.

Are you a local chef, farmer or producer?

We have a marketing, branding and design team that can help you showcase your work. We also partnered with food photographers, videographers and copywriters to help you with all your content. Bonus is- every partner has created special pricing for all of their services!

Are you a Fitness or Health and Wellness professional?

We have local chefs that are ready to create products that go along with your dietary guidelines. Add value to your service by offering food that keeps your clients on track! Plus, you can earn money when you collaborate with us! Ask us for details!

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