Hello, I’m Michael Turro, a seasoned personal trainer with seven years of experience in the fitness industry. My passion lies in creating tailored exercise plans that cater not only to individuals’ needs but also to their unique desires. I firmly believe in crafting sustainable exercise routines that yield lasting results because the most successful routine is the one you will follow consistently.

I’ve had the privilege of working with the esteemed team at UCONN Health, collaborating with pregnant individuals seeking to maintain and enhance their fitness levels during pregnancy. Our approach has gained the approval of the fetal medicine team, who endorse the exercises and coaching techniques we employ.

My goal is straightforward: to contribute to creating a healthier and happier lifestyle for everyone. I am particularly excited to be a part of Meals 4 Moms, where we can integrate the benefits of personalized nutrition with a tailored exercise program. Together, we can empower pregnant women with gestational diabetes to embrace a holistic approach to health, fostering not only their well-being during pregnancy but also setting the stage for a healthier postpartum journey.

I look forward to collaborating with Meals 4 Moms and being a positive force in supporting the health and happiness of the women we serve.

Best regards, Michael Turro

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