During pregnancy, the practice of yoga can be so beneficial for mother and baby. The postures can relieve the common aches and pains caused by your growing baby and changing body. Deep breathing can relax an anxious mind and meditation can deepen the connection to your baby.

This practice is designed for all levels and can be done alone or with your partner. It can create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness in your body as we open and strengthen shoulders, hips and back. Having a yoga block and a few blankets or pillows may make this experience even better.

At the end of the practice, please take at least 10 minutes to relax in the final pose, Savasana.

Prenatal Yoga is designed to help mamas become strong, flexible, peaceful and empowered at all stages of pregnancy. Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, interwoven with childbirth education will help you adapt to your blossoming body, prepare for childbirth, and enhance a loving connection to your baby.

A positive experience during pregnancy and birth is possible!!! A consistent yoga practice can help with this phase of life as well as with the many changes your body and emotions go through after the baby arrives.

Lauren began her yoga practice in 2003 to relieve chronic low back pain and it worked! Since her first yoga teacher training in 2006, she has experienced the benefits of yoga at all stages of life; as a single woman, in marriage, during pregnancy, and now as a mother. Lauren’s intention, through the teaching of postures, breath and yoga philosophy, is to create a spaciousness in the body, a calmness of mind, and softness of heart that students can take with them off the mat and into their lives. She loves helping mothers-to-be discover their strength and confidence as they prepare for birth and raising a family. As a teacher trainer, she is honored to guide budding teachers on a journey of changing lives one breath at a time.

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