Hartford, Conn., January 31, 2023 – Medically tailored meal service company My Local Chefs today announces their partnership with health clinic Pounds Transformation to offer a one-stop shop for patients looking to create meaningful change in their lives through physical wellness. My Local Chefs will work with Pounds Transformation’s team of Registered Dieticians and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Charles Cavo, DO, FACOG to provide the clinic’s patients with a wide selection of medically tailored and nutrient-rich meals including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks — all prepared by the company’s network of local Connecticut chefs. Based on the patient’s preference, all meals can be delivered directly to them up to twice weekly, ensuring nutrient-rich, tasty, and fresh food.

“‘Food as Medicine’ is at the core of what we do at My Local Chefs, so partnering with Pounds Transformation is a natural fit to help change people’s lives in an impactful and delicious way,” says Vanessa Sena, CEO and Founder of My Local Chefs, adding, “We take great care in creating dishes that offer variety, flavor, and culturally relevant options that include many locally sourced ingredients. Getting healthy – and staying that way – doesn’t have to be boring when it comes to food and nutrition.”

Rooted in a shared belief that a sustainable lifestyle is key to a healthier life, My Local Chefs and Pounds Transformation are partnering to remove many barriers to achieving just that.

“We are thrilled to work with My Local Chefs and expand our services to include medically tailored, ready-made, and convenient meals delivered directly to our patients,” says Pounds Transformation Co-Founder and CEO Michelle Cavo, PA-C. “Counteracting illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, Celiac disease, and more with empathy, medical expertise, and customized meals through My Local Chefs, create transformative experiences and sustainable plans for our patients.”

About My Local Chefs

Founded by Chef Vanessa Sena, My Local Chefs centers around the belief of, “Food as medicine,” and offers fresh, flavorful, and culturally relevant medically tailored meals. My Local Chefs is built upon three main pillars: access to healthy foods, education for patients and healthcare professionals, and community engagement. Dedicated to supporting the local community, the company supports local businesses and economies through its network of local chefs and local food providers.


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