My Local Chefs is a company that provides specialty catering for the health conscious
individual. We provide nutritious meals based on your dietary needs and food
preferences. We can also provide meals tailored towards your specific nutritional
We deliver meals on Monday and Thursday every week.
I am a Gym Owner/Medical Professional. Can My Local Chefs provide me with a custom
meal plan for my client?
We have many options and plans available to help meet your needs. Please contact us at for more information and pricing.
Yes you can contact us directly for any special meal customizations that you may need.
The meals on our site are as is and there is no substituting or customizing unless
specified. If you want a more custom meal please build out a meal on the custom meals
tab or contact us at
Our meals last for 5 days so long as they are properly refrigerated at under 41°F.

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9 am – 4 pm. We can be reached by phone at
800.603.5178 or by email at

We do offer discounts for bulk orders. Give us a call to order today

We deliver to the entire state of Connecticut.

Each order is subject to a $10.00 delivery fee and applicable taxes.
There is no minimum order amount required for delivery.
Yes, you will pay a separate delivery fee for each order you place.

We are happy to help create a customized meal plan specifically for your dietary needs. Please
contact us for more information at