Vanessa Sena, Chief Executive Officer, My Local Chefs

Vanessa Sena
Founder and CEO

Vanessa Sena is a successful and accomplished CEO in the food and hospitality industry. With a culinary degree and experience working under renowned chefs Dominique Ansel and José Andrés, she has built a career that combines her passion for food with her business acumen. As the CEO of Premier referrals for 10 years, Vanessa led the company to an impressive annual revenue of 3.5 million. She then went on to become the COO of Nalas Kitchen, a healthy meal prep company, and now leads My Local Chefs, where she brings together a diverse network of local chefs to provide fresh, healthy, and culturally appropriate meals to patients with specific dietary needs. In addition to her roles as CEO, Vanessa is also skilled in new product development, marketing, team development and hiring, and operations, with a focus on setting standards, developing processes, and ensuring compliance and quality assurance.