Sarah Blecher, Chief Marketing Officer, My Local Chefs

Sarah Blecher

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Blecher is a highly skilled marketing professional with extensive experience in advertising, branding, social media, email, and marketing automation. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated her ability to steer company strategy and distill complex market trends and data into actionable insights. Sarah’s vision for where a company needs to be from a business, personnel, and technology perspective is a key strength, and she has a proven track record of using data-driven insights and creative thinking to develop impactful campaigns.

Sarah’s experience includes serving as the Chief Marketing Officer of My Local Chefs, where she plays a key role in launching the next health and wellness revolution, delivering healthy, delicious, medically tailored, and culturally relevant meals to customers in Connecticut. She also founded and served as the CMO of BlecherDigital, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in strategic marketing plans and high-end creative for mid-sized businesses. Sarah also served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Code-Art, a nonprofit in Miami dedicated to increasing the number of girls studying computer science and building a pipeline of female engineers for a better future. Finally, Sarah spent 15 years as a partner and Director of UX at Digital Pulp, a full-service digital agency in NYC specializing in website development and online marketing for higher education, nonprofit, and healthcare companies.