How to “Healthify” Foods on the Fly

Eating prepared meals at home all the time isn’t always achievable for everyone every night. Eating on the go is becoming more common, however, it’s important we optimize our options! Healthy fast food options can be challenging, but it is possible. Here are some tips to help you make healthier choices on the go:

1. Always weigh out your options! See what’s available for the best possible option for you and your goals. For example if there is a Taco Bell and a Moes, the healthier option is a Restaurant like Moes where you can customize your order to suit your needs MUCH easier!
3. Look for grilled options: Choose grilled chicken instead of fried, and ask for your burger to be cooked without the bun, on a salad or potentially in a wrap!
5. Opt for salads: Choose salads with lean protein such as grilled chicken or fish. Avoid salads with fried or breaded items, and choose vinaigrette dressings instead of creamy ones.
7. Limit your portions: Fast food restaurants often serve large portions, so consider ordering a smaller size or splitting a meal with a friend.
9. Skip the sides: Instead of fries, choose a side salad or fruit cup. If you crave fries, try ordering a value or small.
11. Choose water or unsweetened tea: Skip the soda and other sugary drinks, which are high in syrups and sugar.
13. Customize your order: Ask for substitutions or to have certain ingredients left off your order depending on your needs or goals. For example, you can ask for no cheese on your burger or for your sandwich to be made without mayo.
15. Check nutrition information: Most fast food restaurants provide nutrition information online or in the restaurant. Check the calories, fat, and sodium levels before you order to make sure it’s in alignment with your needs!
Remember, it’s okay to indulge in fast food once in a while, but making healthier choices can help you feel better and stay on track with your health goals.

No food is GOOD or BAD, (everyone deserves to enjoy the little things in life) there are just things we should eat more or more often because they offer us MORE and things we should eat less or less often because they offer us LESS.

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