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“This food was healthy and delicious. It is a real improvement nutritionally from the foods I regularly have. I even had enough food to leftovers for extra meals.”

E. M., Hartford, CT

“With My Local Chefs, I don’t have to cook and I know my husband will be given food that is nutrient dense and help him during this long road to recovery.”

C. W., West Hartford, CT

“Having Celiac Disease, I always have to wonder what’s in my food. But with My Local Chefs, I can choose certified gluten free meals so I don’t have to worry.”

M. K., Bristol, CT

Build Your Ideal Nutrition Program

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We recognize and appreciate the distinctiveness of every client’s needs. We value your individuality and offer you the freedom to choose the services that perfectly match your nutrition program. We believe in providing a personalized experience that empowers you to select the options that best align with your goals and preferences, ensuring a truly customized and successful journey towards better health and well-being.

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Reverse the Effects of Chronic Illness

and reduce the cost of patient care by 16%

The research shows that improved nutrition plays a pivotal role in fighting disease, bolstering the body’s immune system and fortifying its defenses against many ailments. By nurturing a well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, individuals can proactively improve their health, reduce the effect of illnesses and save healthcare providers significantly on the cost of care. We offer custom nutritional programs for many illnesses including:

From hospitals to farmers and everyone in between, it takes a network of people and organizations to go beyond and produce fresh culturally authentic food supported by in person and online education. We are beyond thrilled to work for, and with, so many incredible organizations towards our shared goal – to make our communities healthier.

Together, let’s create a healthier future rooted in your population’s unique cultural identity.