Meet our Team

The My Local Chefs team is composed of consultants and creators here to help Chefs and Small Food Business Owners grow their brand and teach them about business fundamentals. Our team provides one-on-one consulting as well as workshops for any Chef or small food business owner on our platform.

Vanessa Sena, CEO

Sarah Blecher

Blecher Digital Marketing
Custom Digital Marketing Plans + Coaching Support for small businesses

Julia Rosenfield

SMASHE Consulting
Brand Consultant and Strategic Marketing Lead

Jeannette Punsoni Dardenne

INGroup Creative
Marketing, Public Relations, and Business Strategist

Beth Bolton

Beth Bolton Coaching and Business Consultant
I advise early start-up women entrepreneurs to create the tools for a strong foundation and give them the guidance to have more confidence in achieving success with their businesses.

Brian Berry

Berry Group CT LLC
Experienced Accounting, Business, and Finance Consultant

Lisa Nichols

Bread and Beast Photography
Food and Lifestyle Photographer

Lauren Kinkade

Food Stylist/ Food and Product Photographer

Katrice Claudio

Brutally Honest Cook
Food Photographer/ Visual Storyteller

Michelle Larrise

Lifestyle Photographer / Content Creator / Brand Consultant / Graphic Designer

Jolie Parent

Freelance Graphic Designer and Social Media Strategist

Isaac Velazquez

Isaac Rafael Films
Videographer/ Content Creator/ Producer

Shandon Foley

Freelance Article / Blog / Content Writer