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Minimize Sugar, Maximize Health


Minimize Sugar, Maximize Health

Sugar makes food taste yummy and a little bit of sugar can be okay, but having too much can be bad. This is even more true for pregnant mothers and mothers with gestational diabetes who have a hard time handling sugar. 

Know the Hidden Sugars

    • Read food labels: Look for words like “sugar,” “syrup,” or words that end in “-ose” (like fructose or sucrose). This means that sugar is hiding in the food.
    • Choose low-sugar options: Pick foods and drinks that have less added sugar. Look for labels that say “no added sugar” or “unsweetened.”
  • Don’t be fooled by artificial sweeteners: they can trick the body into thinking it’s eating something sugary, even though it’s not. This can make the blood sugar levels go up. Look for words like Aspartame, Saccharin, and Sucralose on the food label.
  • Avoid sugar alcohols: They have fewer calories than regular sugar but can still increase your blood sugar. They can also create an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach if consumed in a large amount. Look for words that end in “ol”

Replace Sugary Treats

  • Fresh fruit: Instead of grabbing a sugary snack, enjoy fresh fruits. They are naturally sweet and full of vitamins!
  • Healthy snacks: Choose snacks like cut-up veggies, cheese, or nuts. They are tasty and won’t spike your blood sugar like sugary treats.

Smart Beverage Choices

  • Water is your friend: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’s hydrating and has zero sugar.
  • Avoid sugary drinks: Say no to sodas, sweet teas, and sugary juices. Instead, go for unsweetened herbal teas,  water, or sugar-free drinks.

Home-Cooked Food 

  • Cook at home: Preparing your food gives you control over the ingredients. Use less sugar in your recipes or try natural sweeteners like cinnamon or vanilla. 
  • Flavor boosters: Make your dishes taste good with herbs and spices, without the need for sugar.

Smart Snacking

  • Balanced snacks: When snacking, pair foods like whole grain crackers with a protein source like hummus or cottage cheese. This combination keeps you full for longer and helps manage blood sugar.
  • Plan your snacks: Prepare healthy snacks ahead of time, like cut up fruits, carrot sticks, or yogurt. Having them ready will help you avoid grabbing sugary snacks. 

Eat this not that 

Food Item Sugar Content (per serving) Serving Size Alternative Option
Regular Soda 39 grams 1 can (12 fl oz) Sparkling Water (unsweetened)
Flavored Yogurt 20 grams 1 small container Plain Greek Yogurt (unsweetened)
Sweetened Breakfast Cereal 12 grams 1 cup Rolled Oats with Fresh Berries
Fruit Juice 24 grams 1 cup Infused Water with Lemon or Mint
Store-Bought Smoothie 40 grams 1 bottle (16 fl oz) Homemade Smoothie with Fresh Fruit
Granola Bars 12 grams 1 bar Homemade Energy Balls
Fruit-Flavored Snacks 18 grams 1 small bag Fresh Fruit (e.g., Apple slices)


By making small changes and knowing hidden sugars, you can minimize sugar in your diet and keep yourself and baby healthy. With these tips, you can create a healthier eating routine while staying on a budget. 

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