Brian Ramirez

Chief Compliance Officer

Brian Ramirez is a highly accomplished and dedicated Chief Compliance Officer at My Local Chefs. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role, having worked in the compliance field for several years. Prior to joining My Local Chefs, Brian served as a Senior Compliance Analyst at SCA Pharma, where he was instrumental in ensuring that the facility and all its entities were compliant with regulations such as 503B, 21 CFR part 210 & 211. In addition to his regulatory expertise, Brian has extensive experience in the review and update of SOPs, having reviewed, edited, and released SOPs in Master Control. He was also responsible for performing inventory stock transactions, changing product status to Hold, Quarantine or Release, and creating lot numbers. He was instrumental in requesting, reviewing, and filing away all vendor COCs and COAs, ensuring that all necessary documentation was kept up to date and organized. With his extensive experience, attention to detail, and commitment to ensuring compliance, Brian is a valuable asset to the My Local Chefs team.