Who do we work with?

My Local Chefs works with hospitals, corporations, athletic teams, government agencies, after school programs, kids camps and more throughout the state to provide healthier meals to our community that are crafted locally by talented chefs right here in Connecticut.

Hartford Yard Goats

We have partnered with the Hartford Yard Goats to feed their staff and press, as well as catering of special events. Look for us throughout the year for special promotions, contests and events.

CCSU Athletics

We have partnered with the CCSU Athletics department to feed the football team, as well as the Men’s and women’s basketball teams with athlete appropriate meals.

University of St. Joseph

We have partnered with the University of St Joseph's sports nutrition department to provide nutritional meals for their athletes from youth to elite.

Impact Training

We work with with the Impact Training team to feed their Youth Basketball programs.

Capitol Region Education Council (CREC)

We work with CREC to feed Hartford children through multiple programs throughout the year.

Hartford Youth and Recreation

We work with Hartford Youth and Recreation Department to feed Hartford youth enrolled in after school and summer programs. We are also providing education on healthy eating and food preparation.

Hartford Board of Education

We work with with the Hartford Board of Education to feed staff and faculty as well as provide meals for special educational events.

UCONN Health

We have partnered with UConn Health on multiple meal programs with for the Obstetrics and Research Departments.

Hartford HealthCare

We have partnered with Hartford HealthCare to provide catering for special events and programs throughout the state, including 2022 Diversity Summit and Board of Directors Meeting.

We are proud to be members of the Supplier Diversity program, being a Hispanic Woman Owned company makes this opportunity invaluable.

Make-a-Wish Foundation of Connecticut

We support the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Connecticut with food and farm-related wish fulfillment as well as working together on fundraising events.

Assisted Living of Connecticut

We work with with Assisted Living of Connecticut to provide senior meals that meet special dietary guidelines.

Senior Centers of Eastern Connecticut

We work with with Senior Centers of Eastern of Connecticut to provide senior meals that meet special dietary guidelines.

Angel of Edgewood

We work with Angel of Edgewood to provide healthy local produce for use in food pantries and giveaways throughout greater Hartford.

Gardner's House

We work with Gardner's House to providing fresh food and meals to people of color with cancer.

Knox, Inc

We help with special fundraising events as well as partnering with corporate clients to provide cash crops and additional sources of revenue. We do many special fundraising events throughout the year to support our local communities.

Forge City Works

We work with Forge City Works to provide fresh produce and connect their workforce with corporate clients in need of medically-tailored meals.

Food 4 Health Clinic

We have partnered with Hartford Hospital to create the first ever farm stand inside the hospital. Our farmers provide fresh produce for the Food 4 Health Clinic to feed patients whose health outcome is dependent on a healthy diet and access to fresh food.

Purple Light Project

We have partnered with Purple Light Projects to launch a pilot program that provides healthy meals to outpatient behavioral health clients. Given the success of the pilot program, the Hartford HealthcCare Behavioral Health team has decided to expand the program to the entire state of Connecticut. My Local Chefs will be the sole provider of these meals for the outpatient program.

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