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Chef Sharyce’s Menu

Manchester, CT

Did someone say Cheescake? Chef Sharyce has created the most decadent healthy cheesecake that the whole family will enjoy. It’s Keto Compliant as well as Paleo compliant.

Delivered fresh every MONDAY and THURSDAY each week!

Chef Sharyce Grahm’s Culinary Journey

Chef Sharyce’s love for baking stems from her Great Grandmother. She says she can still hear the sounds of her old steel pans and smell her grandmother’s cinnamon buns baking in the oven. It was her grandmother’s baking that sewed the tight stitches, keeping their family together.

As a mother of three, Chef Sharyce has passed those skills down to her little ones. Along with the love for baking, comes the love for eating; and with that comes a love for healthy eating. That is what inspired Chef Sharyce to create her keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and Compass compliant cheesecake.

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