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Chef Chrissy’s Menu

Danbury, CT

Chef Chrissy and co-owner, Levon Ofgang, are on a mission to show
people that healthy, plant based foods can be accessible,
affordable, protein packed, and filling.

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Chef Chrissy Tracey’s Culinary Journey

Chef Chrissy was encouraged to quit her tech job where she was
no longer happy, to pursue her love of cooking and her passion of
feeding people delicious, plant-based meals.

She and co-owner, Levon Ofgang, are on a mission to show
people that healthy, plant-based foods can be accessible,
affordable, protein-packed, and filling. They want to show people
how to be plant forward-even if you aren’t vegan, and encourage
people to start looking at their plates from a plant-focused
perspective rather than meat-focused. Not only is it good for your
body, longevity, and for feeling refreshed, but it is also better shift
for the environment at large.

They challenge the status quo and are here to show you that a
plant-based lifestyle is possible. You can go to the gym and eat a
meal that sustains you, and even better?? Gain lean muscle from protein crafted from plants. All of their meals are made from organic, locally sourced foods, and all from scratch.

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